Gardeners go from East to ‘Wrest’

Members and friends of the Barkwith and District Gardeners Association met to travel to Wrest Park on what at East Barkwith was a very wet day.

East Barkwith News EMN-151110-083830001
East Barkwith News EMN-151110-083830001

However, as they made their way south raincoats and umbrellas were abandoned as very soon they were enjoying the lovely weather.

The popular breakfast stop was made at the Roxton Garden Centre, near Black Cat roundabout before they were on their way again.

There was added excitement as on their arrival they found the red carpet laid out in welcome with rows of red velvet seated chairs and a Rolls Royce limousine parked alongside, disappointingly not for them but still of tremendous interest.

The party entered the stately home to begin their tour and wander at their leisure through the rooms, but any attempts to peer through the windows to discover what the special activity was out of doors was prevented by the guides.

They were available to answer questions about the house but their lips were sealed to ensure the filming at the front was not ruined by lots of fascinated faces peering through the windows.

As the visitors moved outside to the Orangery they were able to watch the mystery filming from a distance without hindrance, as there was no chance of them being caught on camera.

Some time in the future while watching a TV programme or film they will perhaps identify some aspect and solve the mystery.