District councillors back motion in the fight against scams

Local independent councillors have led the way in the protection of elderly and vulnerable people in East Lindsey.

East Lindsey District Council

Councillor George Horton recently told East Lindsey District Councillors he had personal experience of an elderly neighbour being bothered daily by telephone scammers. He was heartbroken to learn she had bought a delivery of £200 worth of fish, despite living alone, and she was conned into insuring drain covers and buying telephone and washing machine insurances she was already covered for.

He recently secured a £199 refund from her bank for water pipe insurance she had no need for.

He said: “I have been there when she gets back to back phone calls, it’s never ending. And they are so clever at confusing vulnerable people living alone.”

Working with fellow Independent councillor Terry Aldridge, they came up with a motion to ELDC asking local MPs to lobby government to bring this sort of high pressure and unsolicited selling to an end. The motion was supported unanimously by councillors.

Coun Aldridge said: “I am delighted with all the support we received and all the positive comments from fellow councillors.

“I am told this sort of scamming is the fastest growing crime in this country, so it needs stamping out as fast as possible.”

Residents are reminded to never disclose bank details or any other personal details over the phone.

Register with the Telephone Preference Service to block calls, and you can contact Age UK, Citizens’ Advice, Lloyds 
Bank and Ofcom which offer advice online to assist anybody who has been affected by cold callers.