Man was gas sprayed by police after brandishing piece of wood on Boston street

Magistrates told a Boston man that, as a married man with children, he had exhibited 'ridiculous behaviour' which would have frightened people and that 'he should have known better'.

Court report

Paulius Kysla, 31, of Ingelow Avenue had admitted at Boston Magistrates Court that he had been found with an offensive weapon in Sleaford Road on August 27.

Prosecuting, Emma Price said police went to the scene at 7.05pm where Kysla was seen walking in and out of the traffic brandishing a piece of wood about a foot long and with a metal end and was also seen to strike a bollard.

She said he refused to put the weapon down when challenged by the police and, after he raised the piece of wood when approached by the officers, he had to be gas sprayed.

He told the police he had been involved in a verbal altercation with four unknown men and had picked up the piece of wood at the scene.

Mitigating, Helen Coney said it had been a curtain pole he had picked up in the street after a short verbal altercation and that he did not threaten them with it.

She said he did not threaten the police with it but had held it at shoulder height.

“This is something he would not have done if he had been completely sober,” she said.

The magistrates said that for a man in his position it was 'ridiculous behaviour which could have frightened people'.

“You should have known better.”

He was fined £585 and ordered to pay £!43 in court costs and charges.