Sleaford Mayor makes appeal for return of missing eagles from town signs

Mayor of Sleaford, Coun Antony Brand has issued an appeal for the return of three gold-painted eagles from the tops of the town’s signs.

Our golden eagles are missing. EMN-210426-145521001

Eagle crests made of resin and painted gold were fitted to the three re-painted town signs to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the RAF in 2018. Both the chairman of NKDC and the Mayor of Sleaford at the time supported the Sleaford Civid Trust project and contributed to the costs.

Due to the town’s close relationship with local airbases, RAF Cranwell has the Freedom of the town, it was felt fitting to keep the eagles after the centenary year.

But after Civic Trust chairman, Garry Titmus initially raised the alarm after noticing the one on Grantham Road had gone missing on Sunday, now it appears all three have been taken.

Coun Brand said: “All have been removed as a prank or through theft. The golden eagles were placed on the Town signs several years back in commemoration of the Town’s links with Cranwell and other local armed services such as Digby.

“While golden in colour they are not of great intrinsic financial value.

“Return them please.”

The town signs were commissioned and renovated by the Civic Trust.

Trust chairman Garry Titmus said he was “saddened” by this latest incident of vandalism.

Commenting on the Grantham Road theft, he said: “It appears that it has been broken off at the base and I could not find it in the vicinity. It is most improbable that it could have happened naturally and I strongly suspect vandalism and theft.”

When this occurred in 2018 to another of the three eagles fitted to the matching sign on Lincoln Road it was reported to police.

Mr Titmus said: “I know that placing attractive gold-coloured sculptures alongside public highways might be considered a hostage to fortune, but it is still troubling that people should have such a disregard for heritage and commemoration of historical events.”