What to do with your waste after Christmas festivities

Households in North Kesteven can make this Christmas a fantastic one for the environment by staying up to date with the latest on waste and recycling.

What can or cannot be recycled this Christmas? EMN-211222-153956001

There will be no change to collection days for black, purple or purple-lidded and green-lidded bins over the festive period, so these bins can be presented for emptying as usual, says the district council.

Residents can help crews working over the festive period by ensuring their bins are presented by 7.30am on the day of collection. Garden waste customers are reminded that collections of brown bins will reduce in December and January, due to the natural drop in waste produced from gardens.

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Households are asked not to put any side waste next to bins as this is unable to be collected. Any additional waste can instead be taken to local Household Waste Recycling Centres. Customers are advised to check opening times over the festive period before they go at lincolnshire.gov.uk/recycling-waste

Council Leader Coun Richard Wright said: “Many households are making efforts to reduce waste and make their celebrations, food and gift-giving more sustainable, which is fantastic.

“There are lots of items at Christmas and New Year which look recyclable but are not. The good news is there are also lots of things which can be recycled at home with just a few more steps to ensure the right parts go in the right bin.

“By sharing all the information we can now we hope we can help households enjoy all celebrations coming over the next few weeks, while happy in the knowledge that they’re also doing the right things for the environment through their waste and recycling.”

A new webpage answers questions at n-kesteven.gov.uk/recycling

Here are some items to look out for:

Wrapping paper - If it’s plain with no glitter or foil pop it in your purple or purple-lidded bin. If it contains glitter or foil it should go in the black bin or, save it for craft projects.

Foil and tin trays - In your green-lidded bin, dry and clean.

Selection boxes - The cardboard outer sleeve or box can go in your purple or purple-lidded bin clean and dry. The inner plastic tray can go in your green-lidded bin. Any soft plastic wrapper around the tray cannot go in recycling, but may be accepted at soft plastic recycling points in shops.

Advent calendars - The cardboard outer sleeve or box can go in your purple or purple-lidded bin clean and dry. The inner plastic tray can go in your green-lidded bin.

Christmas cards - These can go in your purple or purple-lidded bin provided they do not have any foil or glitter. If they do, they must go in the black bin or reuse them as tags or decorations.

Crisp tubes - Most of these cannot be easily recycled because they are a combination of different materials.

Tinsel and tree decorations - Tinsel cannot be recycled at home.

Old toys - These are best donated to good causes.