Isle smokers invited to quit habit today, for both health and pocket

It’s National No Smoking Day today, and Isle smokers are offered help in quitting the habit by North Lincolnshire Council.
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As TV commercials show the extensive damage smoking can cause, and the latest change in the law forces retailers to hide cigarettes from view, there’s never been a better time to kick the habit.

By stopping smoking, you reduce the risk of developing illness, disability or death by cancer, heart, or lung disease. You will protect the health of those around you, especially children, who will be less likely to suffer from bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma attacks, and meningitis and ear infections. Stopping smoking is particularly important if you are pregnant or are thinking of starting a family in the future.

Within just three days of stopping smoking, your body will be free of carbon monoxide, your lungs will have started to clear out mucus and debris, and your breathing will be easier and you will have more energy. If you smoke 20 a day, you will also have saved almost £20.

Call for help now on 0800 772 3249 or visit

Frances Cunning, Director of Public Health at North Lincolnshire Council, said: “It’s never too late to stop smoking and reap the benefits for your health and your pocket. We know it’s not easy to kick the habit, but you’re four times more likely to succeed if you get help from your local stop smoking service.

“It has never been easier to stop smoking. You can see a stop-smoking adviser face-to-face in a one-to-one appointment, talk to them by telephone, or download their ‘quitting’ app to your phone.

“If you want to use patches or other products to help you stop, these can be provided directly to you, free, without the need to make an appointment to see your GP.”

Advice sessions are available in the Isle.