Mayor pulls the first pint as the Boars Head pub re-opens

The Mayor of Louth cut the ribbon - and poured the first official pint of beer - at the newly reopened Boar’s Head pub in Newmarket last week.

The Mayor of Louth, Councillor George Horton, pulls the first pint.

As reported previously, the historic pub was recently taken on by husband-and-wife team Marlon and Gemma Jones, alongside Gemma’s brother Mark Crome, just 18 months after being saved from potential demolition alongside the Cattle Market.

Now, after several months of renovation, the pub is open once again - and Mayor of Louth, Councillor George Horton, was there on Friday afternoon (March 8) to cut the ribbon and pull the first pint behind the bar.

Coun Horton said: “I’m absolutely delighted that the Boar’s Head is once again now open.

Mayor of Louth, Coun George Horton, cut the ribbon last Friday (March 8) alongside Marlon and Gemma Jones, the new owners of the Boars Head.

“Certainly, if the effort they put in equals to the amount of business they’ll get, then they will do very well because a lot of effort and money has gone into it.

“Hopefully the people of Louth are going to support it, and quite rightly so, because it’s got a great atmosphere.

“The decision to retain the Cattle Market and take it forward was a good decision by the district council, and now things are coming to a fruition.”

Marlon and Gemma said that after an ‘eventful’ week ahead of the official opening - including the fryer, dishwasher, and fans all breaking down - everything was now going well.

Marlon said: “There seems to be a genuine happiness that the pub is back open, which is really good considering how many pubs there are.

“It means there’s one more pub for everyone to go on a pub crawl to!”