North Thoresby vets plea for dog blood donors

A veterinary hospital in North Thoresby is appealing for dog blood donors after a local Basset Hound was saved by another family pet.

Eatfield Head Veterinary Nurse Alison Young with Bubbles and owner Debbie Ellrich with James.

Breeder Debbie Ellrich, from Cabourne near Caistor feared she would lose her beloved dog Bubbles,(12), after she cut her gum while eating a cow’s hoof treat in the back garden and resulted in a severe bleed.

After being rushed to Eastfield Vet Hospital, Mrs Ellrich was advised that Bubbles would need an emergency blood transfusion.

But due to a shortage of donors, blood had to used from Ms Ellrich’s other Basset Hound, James in order to save Bubbles’ life.

Mrs Ellrich said: “We received a call from the vet to say Bubbles needed a blood transfusion and if we had a dog that would be suitable.

“James is quiet and steady and he has ended up saving her life.”

Mrs Ellrich added that she would urge others to register their dogs as you just never know when someone’s pet might be in dire need of a transfusion.

Bubbles has now made a full recovery from her ordeal and Ms Ellrich has registered four of her dogs as blood donors. The local vets are appealing for more dog owners to come forward.

Eastfield Vets Clinical director, Dr Wendy Adams said: “We are looking to have a group of people with dogs who we can call on in an emergency and use their pets as donors.”

Dr Adams added that giving blood is safe and it is potentially life-saving.

For more info, please contact Eastfield Vets on: 01472 840209.