Obituary: Richard Morse Brewis

The funeral service for retired teacher Richard Morse Brewis, aged 74 years, of Market Rasen was held at Middle Rasen Parish Church.

Richard Morse Brewis EMN-180326-193532001
Richard Morse Brewis EMN-180326-193532001

The respect and high esteemed in which Richard was held was evident in the number of people who packed into the church, with many standing at the back of the church and in the aisles.

The Rev David Post and Peter Cook officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

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Richard was born in Gainsborough on September 28, 1943, to Bill and Clara Brewis.

He had an older sister, Margaret.

Richard left school at 17 years of age and joined Grimsby Police Force.

However, he quickly decided it was not for him and went to Carnegie College in Leeds to train to become a sports teacher.

There, he met Lesley, his future wife.

After college, Richard taught for one year at Caistor Yarborough School, before moving to Market Rasen Secondary Modern School as Head of Boys’ PE.

He finally moved to De Aston when the two schools amalgamated, where he remained until he retired in 2004.

Richard’s main love was sport and he played a lot of football -playing for Gainsborough Boys, Gainsborough Trinity, Lincs FA Youth Team and Market Rasen.

Over the years, he also led many school, district and county football teams and enjoyed coaching athletics.

Richard thoroughly enjoyed his retirement - travelling, watching Notts Forest, painting (pictures and walls), gardening, organising charity events and spending time with his beloved family and friends.

He leaves his wife, Lesley, sons Simon and David, daughters-in-law Lisa and Angela, and his grandchildren - Amy, William, Alexandra and James.

Family mourners were: Lesley Brewis (wife); Simon and David Brewis (sons); Lis and Angela Brewis (daughters-in-law); Amy, William, Alexandra and James Brewis (grandchildren); Helen and Ian Wilson (niece and husband); Andrew Cammish (nephew); Paddy, Martin, Kate, Josie and Michael Anderson (sister-in-law and family); Judith and Mike Milner, Malou and John Blampied (sister-in-law and family); Joan, Pat and Ian Stabler (cousins).

Friends at the service were: Jose and Derick Grayson; Tony Grayson; Simon Hedley; Andrew Coe; Dom Caisley; Mark Jasnikowski; Ali MacLeod; Beryl and Eric Pickering; Andrea Hislop (also rep Pat Siddons); Christine Kinnell (also rep Anna Proctor); David Kinnell; Brian and Pam Reaney (also rep Duran and Puane and also Sheila Hodds); Steve Cartwright; Mrs H Hansard; Helen and Peter Cook (also rep Brian and Janice Cook); Mr and Mrs C Carter (also rep R A Carter); John and Margaret Carter; Joan Edwards (also rep Jess and Dan); Kate Karumazondo; Lucy Johnson; David Clarke; S Britton (also rep Mr and Mrs A Dodds); Joyce Rhodes; John Staves (also rep Vera Staves); Mahlah Staves; Liz Holmes; Jill Berisford; Rhona Shepphard; Mr and Mrs G Zealand; Mr and Mrs Sheddenl John and Enid Fowler (also rep Lincolnshire Schools FA); Kieron Bennett; Malcolm Kerridge; Fiona and Steve Thatcher; Alan and Judy Jones; Chris and Liz Dickinson (also rep De Aston School); Cynthia and Mick Burke; Jim Hermiston; Kerry Rivett; Robin Conybeare; Mr and Mrs Worrell; Mary Taylor; David Young; Mr and Mrs B Duke; Tracey Duke; Jane Young (also rep Ian Young; Ellen Young); Mr and Mrs L Brumpton (also rep N Dawson; L Lamming); Martin Maslin; Dr and Mrs Weeks; Alan Wood (also rep Martin and May Cordes; Pauline Halford); Mal Jones (also rep Ann Jones; Norman Palmer; David Inkpin); Bobby Hogarty; Pattie, Tony and Chris Armstrong; Judy and Roly Boulton; John Hayton (also rep Janet); Kevin Ashton; Peter and Peggy Hartle; Mark Hayton (also rep Robert Hayton); Mr and Mrs Rod Dunn (also rep Colin Brookes and also Humberside Schools FA and Lincs Schools FA); Mark and Angela Wilde; Bobbie Hogarty; Rod Fry; Sue and Malc Pearson; S Smart; Mr and Mrs Smith; Eric Lee; Laurence Barrass; Philip Ranby (also rep Claire, Debbie and Jackie); Helen Robinson (also rep Michael Robinson and family); Robert Illingworth (also rep Betty, Mark and Lorna Illingworth); Alison Lake (also rep St Andrew’s Hospice); Simon Porter (Headteacher – De Aston School); Graham and Eileen Wallace; Mary Nevill; Marilyn Tompkins; Tom Eldridge; David Boland; G M Cooper; Angela Davis (also rep Eileen Wilkinson and also Friday Knitting Ladies); Graham Dowes; Glenda Taylor (also rep Geoff Taylor); Karen Tempest; Gwen Parsons; Ronnie and John Sullivan; Ian and Pauline Uprichard; Nigel Douglas; Tony and Rhona Bradford (also rep R Laughton); Mary Orphanoudakis; Kate Roberts (also rep Bill Roberts, Ian and Jayne); Martin and Trudy Conner
Joy and Brian Oxborrow; Christine Goodman (Art Group); Jaqueline Reed (Art Group); Graham Taylor; Christine Parry (also rep Graham Parry); Jim, Robbie and Johnny Parry (also rep Rachael Parry); Jackie Richards; Geoff Smith; Mrs Hayson; Mr G Ward; Deborah Dowse (also rep Mr and Mrs Moore); Judith Pilbrow; Rachael Straw (also rep Andrew Straw; Phyllis Parrott); Richard and Helen Treadgold (also rep James Treadgold ; Julia Appleyard and family); Lynne Carter (also rep Peter Carter); Doris Woodall; Des and Lorraine Goulsbra; Joan Goodchild (also rep John Goodchild); Sue and Mick Eames (also rep Daniel, Matthew, Louise and John Eames); Gordon Roger (also rep Peter and Rick Marriott); Joyce Williams; Mr and Mrs Barnard (also rep Mrs M Brunton); Mr Haysom, Christopher, Dominic and Carol; Mr and Mrs T Gramson (also rep Trevor Kendall; Mr and Mrs Melbourne and family); Annece Friel (also rep Peter Friel); Mike Winter; Tim Winter; Jeff Todd (also rep Howard Swain); Tom and Jill Hutchison (also rep Kay Spyvee); Alan Salmon (also rep Sue); Mrs N M Cooper (also rep Neil Cooper; Frank Cooper); Hayley and Geoff Hodson; Ian Williams (also rep Tim and Kerry Paul and also Market Rasen Cricket and Football Club); Wendy Pointon (also rep Mary Sykes); Noreen and Tim Bradford; Robert Bradford; Pam Cattell; Dianne Tuckett (also rep Geoff Tuckett and Market Rasen Friends of Andy’s Hospice); the Rev Alan Robson (also rep Denise Robson); Cathy Turner; Peter and Gay Smith, Nicholas and Jason Smith; Sonia Czabaniuk (also rep M Byrne); Gayle and Tony Firkin (also rep Tom Firkin); Steven Bunney (also rep Liz and also Market Rasen Town Council); Mal Jones; Mr A Neal; Nigel Hearn; Bob Pearce (also rep Market Rasen Golf Club); Mr and Mrs O’Brien; Gill Fussey (also rep Mr and Mrs T Fussey and also Jane); Ruth and Nick Anyan; Jane and Keith Rylands-Boulton; Tom Harris; John Hiscox; Mike and Jane Perkins; David Bowles; Andrew and Sandra Hayes; Phil and Lynn Chapman; Richard and Helen Grayson; Jenny Brundell (also rep Kim Robinson; Dawn Helm); Simon Inman (also rep Anne Inman; Jenny Turner); Mike and Karen Higgins (also rep Steven, Andrew and Christopher); John and Jenny Wood; Derek Richards (also rep Sam, Graham and family); Fred Chamberlin; Mr and Mrs D Chamberlin (also rep Ben and Lydia and also Market Rasen Rugby Club); John and Maggie Elliot (also rep Trish and Henry West); Paul and Katy Hiley; Penny and Trevor Lyle (also rep Andrew, Suzannah and also Sally and Peter Robinson); Jean and Keith Helliwell; Tim, Toby and Matthew Bradford; Jean Wood; Mr and Mrs B Doyle; Mrs W Codd (also rep Andrew); Mr R Goodyear; Julie and Neil Taylor (also rep Graham Davison); Peter and Annette Grayson; Nick Proctor (also rep Robin, Stephen and Caroline); H Clayton (also rep L Houlden); Denise Wilbur (also rep N Wilbur); Mr and Mrs J Lamming; James Grant (also rep Gillian Grant); Alison and Darren Gallagher; Mr and Mrs R Shannon; Christine and John Boulton (also rep Jane and Helen); Mr and Mrs E Burkes; Mr and Mrs D W Johnson (also rep the Johnson family); Marion Barrass; Sally, Andy and Olive White (also rep Alex); Jonathan Fairhead; Mr M and Mrs K Kennedy; Mr C Jackson (also rep Jane Jackson); Gill and Ed Cook; Mr M T Clayton (also rep the family, Sheffield); Rob Smith; Mr M Combes; Mrs M Walker; Sandra and Ron Myland (also rep Andrew, Kate and Adam, John Spalding and also Jane Goodyear); Rod Clark (also rep Marion Clark; Jason Clark; Dennis Corden); Brian and Andrea Doyle (also rep Gary and Mel Fenwick; Ray and Chris Joyce; Josie and Mick Bridgwater; John and Jean Fraser).