Bins just put anywhere

A few weeks ago, I wrote a letter about the refuse bins on Cheapside, from Manton Inn to the Hurst Nurses Department for Manton area.

Councillor Glyn Gilfoyle should see these photos I’ve enclosed as he is county councillor for Bassetlaw Safety Committee. They were taken approximately 9.30am on 16th August 2013 as I was going into town on my scooter.

The bins were full, put out by the tenants of Cheapside as a rule placed so that people with pushchairs and children and others can get by with no trouble. When they’ve been emptied by the council refuse collectors they are put back iggly piggly! People have to weave in and out around them taking care not to go off the causeway edge onto the busy road. This I have to do every Friday or get pushed onto the road on my scooter. That would do neither me any good, my scooter or the vehicle that hit me!

The bin men always say it is a rush job on that road, well all the more reason that they do their job properly and ensure no one is put at risk!

In my condition it doesn’t do me any good moving bins. My own bin has a yellow sticker to show I have trouble moving it. Two men helped me last week but I still had to move four bins that I had to push with my scooter. I’ve hurt my arms and legs enough trying to move them.

I can remember when bin men had to carry the bins or use a two wheel trolley and now they have bins with wheels and lorries with big cabs!

Geoff Stevens

Hardwick Crescent,