No help for the poor!

This government is made of sheer greed, wage rises and tax cuts for the upper classes and the rich and then a diabolical step in reverse for the lower classes with bedroom tax and reducing housing benefits and people losing out through no fault of their own.

This could only be your own worse enemy!

You’d think we were a Third World country with a regime running it, with them keeping the rich rich and the poorer people being crushed with no rights whatsoever.

The people who are running our country, who have never done a proper day’s work in their lives with no idea how the country should be run need to realise that without full employment, Britain will never prosper!

This country was well respected with the AAA rating but now it has been slashed and we could say that Britain has lost the ‘Great’ as well.

Until the government put money into the economy and produce full-time jobs in building and manufacturing, where people will be paying taxes to fund the economy to make our country profitable again, we haven’t got a hope. Without work and people earning money, there will be no spending, our country will end up with a Third World rating.

I have worked a full 52 and a half years for the country I love and I, like many others paid towards our National Health Service and now the Con-dems are trying to sell it off, it doesn’t belong to the government, it belongs to the people.

Since the Con-dems have been in power they have called Labour for the problems that the country has now, but it was global when they took over from Gordon Brown, but he had the country under control and I believe if he had got into power again, we would have been out of it now! Yes, Gordon Brown was having to borrow money, but what are the Con-dems doing now, they said they wouldn’t have to borrow as they said they would just make cuts. They made cuts and they are borrowing heavily, in fact for the three years they have been in power, they have borrowed more money than Labour borrowed in 13 years of government!

I think if Clegg had joined with Labour at the last election, we would have been alright now. But instead we are being governed by an incompetent government who are as much use as a chocolate fireguard!

I only see one party to vote for next and it should be Labour. Just my opinion!

Disgruntled taxpayer

Name and address supplied