Planning - Questions about yes vote

What does the YES vote mean in the referendum, for the Horncastle Development Plan?

1. When will the HNDP become legally usable, by the town council planning committee, for considering planning applications?

2. In the case of the current Crowder’s planning application, when amendments come to be lodged, can the HNDP become part of the process in considering the compliance with the 15 Policies?

3. In the case of Langton Hill, Mareham Road and others, can the HNDP policies be applied when detailed applications are submitted?

4. If the town council applies non-compliance with the HNDP, are the ELDC planning committee bound to use these concerns/non-compliance to support a reason for refusal?

5. Can ELDC overturn the town councils comments?

6. If this was the case, can the town council challenge ELDC, and how?

7. What other actions need to taken when applying the HNDP policies?

8. Will training be offered?

9. When will the ELDC Local Plan be legally in place?

10. What stages have to be gone through to get to item 9?

11. If there is conflict with ELDC and their Local Plan set against the policies of the HNDP, what happens, and how will these difference be resolved?

12. How will updates be dealt with?

Richard Barker, RIBA

by email

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