Andrew is going barefoot for Battersea fundraiser

A well-known Market Rasen man is heading up Snowdon for charity – and he is doing it barefoot.
Andrew White with RileyAndrew White with Riley
Andrew White with Riley

Andrew White has lived in the Rasen area for more than 40 years.

An ex navigator and, more recently, a local lorry driver, he can know be seen doing his bit for the local community around the town centre most Saturday and Sunday mornings as the weekend litter picker.

Last year, Andrew’s beloved dog Riley died and, having recently retired, he decided to do something in his memory.

Andrew said: “Our beautiful family dog Riley was 13 when he passed and we miss him so much.

"I wanted to do something in his memory, so I decided to raise funds for Battersea Dogs and Cats and help those animals who may never have a loving home and family like Riley did.”

A former judo instructor, Andrew likes to keep fit, so his fundraiser had to be something involving some form of exercise.

He hit upon the idea of going up Mount Snowdon with a twist – to do it barefoot.

Andrew said: “I thought doing it barefoot would be something different – and quite challenging.

"My intended route will be the 5.5km ‘Pyg’ later this summer.

"I don’t have an exact date for the challenge, due to changing factors like weather, injury etc, but I will get it done.”

The Pyg Track is the shortest rout up Snowdon, but is described as the most challenging.

It is a rocky and difficult path, with several steep climbs.

To get ready for the challenge, Andrew has been training almost every day – barefooted of course – walking around Willingham Woods and the nearby Wolds.

He said: “People often ask if I’ve trodden in or on anything nasty, but in the six months I have been barefoot I am pleased to say I have never had any trouble with glass, thorns, cuts or dog-mess etc.

“You keep one eye on the terrain ahead, just as a driver would look out for potholes on an unfamiliar track.”

Andrew added: “If I fail, then I will simply keep returning to Snowdon untill I succeed.

“I have no intention of letting my sponsors or Battersea down.”

Anyone who would like to support Andrew and help him achieve his £1,000 goal, can visit