Broadband team work at 'Lightspeed' to create a slower pace of life at wildlife park

A broadband company is supporting Lincolnshire Wildlife Park to create a ‘peaceful plot’ and home for its giant tortoises.

Carmé Mandzij, Sales and Community Engagement Lead, LightSpeed, and Jake Allen, Sales Manager, LightSpeed at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park
Carmé Mandzij, Sales and Community Engagement Lead, LightSpeed, and Jake Allen, Sales Manager, LightSpeed at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

LightSpeed Broadband volunteers joined the Wildlife Park’s team to help build the foundations for the new facility and memory garden.

The area has been specifically designed for older visitors and those with additional needs to enjoy a space offering ‘a slower pace of life’.

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Using an old garden shed, a traditional vegetable garden, scented plants and old tools, the garden will also provide an aviary for its budgie collection.

Artist Impression of the Peaceful Plot and memory garden at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

LightSpeed is working in partnership to support the Wildlife Park on a number of projects as it continues its full fibre network roll out across South Lincolnshire.

Visitors of all ages will be able to enjoy the peaceful plot which will be designed to stimulate the senses by offering a variety of scents, textures and natural sounds in its landscaping and planting design, as well as nature and sunlight, combined with the opportunity to taste safe fruits and vegetables, and to experience the garden at night with special sight-coloured lighting.

Steve Nicols CEO, from Lincolnshire Wildlife Park said: “We are very excited about our new ‘Peaceful Plot’. In addition to visitors with additional needs, the plot will provide an area where our visitors of all ages, can stop for a while and enjoy the surroundings alongside some of our slower and less able animals and birds. Young children can experience how nature can affect their senses, whilst older people may want to rest, reflect and remember. We will incorporate lots of seating within the area to ensure visitors can stop a while and appreciate this peaceful space. Our staff are Dementia friends and the memory garden will help us to provide an environment that feels familiar and reassuring to those suffering from memory loss.”

Joanne King, Chief Customer Officer at LightSpeed Broadband said: “We are delighted to be working with Lincolnshire Wildlife Centre on a number of exciting projects. Homes and businesses in Boston can now connect to our 1 gigabit broadband and as we continue to roll out our full fibre network across South Lincolnshire we want to get involved with the local communities where we are working. The Peaceful Plot is a wonderful idea and the perfect project for us to get involved with. It will be a lovely space for everyone to visit, where we can all enjoy a break from the fast pace of day-to-day life.”

LightSpeed started the roll out of its full fibre network a year ago with the aim of reaching 200,000 homes across the East of England by the end of 2022 and becoming the region’s leading internet service provider.

Having invested £25 million in the region, thousands of homes in Boston can now connect with thousands more being added each week. Skegness is expected to go live after the busy summer period.

Once connected, residents can experience super smooth upload and download speeds of 1000 Mbps, 23 times faster than the average broadband speeds currently available* and five times more reliable than standard fibre.