Caistor's Mel is all smiles after shedding almost eight stone in weight

A Caistor woman is only a stone-and-a-half away from her goal weight after joining a leading weight loss company.

Mel Pixsley pictured before and after her weight loss.
Mel Pixsley pictured before and after her weight loss.

Since joining Weight Watchers in 2015, Mel Pixsley has lost 7st 9lbs (105 pounds) and is now a size 12/14.

Mel initially joined in 2015 after she received a doctor’s referral.

With her mum and sister by her side, she decided to start losing weight and getting healthy.

She said: “It was hard at the start, I was yo-yoing in weight for the first year and a half.”

Mel said that although she joined in 2015, it was in 2016 that she truly started her journey.

She joked that it was time that she gave herself ‘a kick up the backside’.

Speaking on how she has found Weight Watchers, Mel said: “The first few weeks is always hard, but I have got into it now.”

Since losing almost eight-stone, Mel has noticed a lot of changes in her life.

She said: “I am a lot fitter and healthier now, and have signed up for a 10k race.”

“I have also got a lot more confidence. Everyone is always saying how good I look.”

Without the help and support given by Weight Watchers and her coach Michelle Bowden, Mel does not think she would have achieved her staggering weight loss.

Mel said: “I think that I needed that final push.”

Michelle, who helped her through her journey, described her as a ‘true inspiration’ to other members.

Michelle said: “She has been a true inspiration to lots of members, she has really embraced exercise as well as making good food choices.

“Since losing weight, Mel’s confidence has just kept growing and it’s wonderful to see how far she has come.”

“At the moment we are really trying to work on her being able to change negatives into positives, so that she doesn’t eat her feelings, or get de-motivated.”