Councillors- what we think about Horncastle roadworks

Councillors in Horncastle are writing to Lincolnshire County Council with a series of recommendations following controversial roadworks in the town.

Contractors only recently finished a near £1m programme of improvements involving West Street, Langton Hill, Lincoln Road and Jubilee Way.

At their monthly meeting last week, councillors praised many aspects of the work.

However, several councillors said they thought the programme could have featured better signage and information - particularly with regard to bus services.

Deputy Mayor Coun David Roark said: “I am pleased to see it all finished.

“I’ve heard various comments from some people that the new West Street surface is excellent, but Lincoln Way/Jubilee Way is quite bumpy.

“I don’t know why - I’m not an expert. Whether it is because some of the work was done at night I don’t know, but it is what some people are saying.”

County councillor Bill Aron said considering the amount of work, the schedule had gone ‘very well.’

Coun Angela Birchall replied: “I’d agree - if they had got the signage right. It did upset a lot of people.”

Coun Roark said: “ I don’t think it would have mattered what signs they’d put up. People were driving through ‘road closed’ signs, moving cones and riding down footpaths.”

Coun Dominic Hinkins mentioned several issues on West Street, including parking bays and the fact white lines stopping vehicles blocking driveways had not been completed.

Regarding buses, Coun Hinkins added: “There was a lot of confusion where to catch buses.”

Mayor Coun Brian Burbidge suggested sending a detailed list of the recommendations to bus companies, as well as the county council, because the bus companies are ‘very lax in their communications’.