Fundraiser in Skegness changes lives and helps seal sanctuary

A fundraiser in Skegness has not only given a seal sanctuary a much-needed boost but has also changed the lives of the little girl behind it and her mum.

Cara presents her cheque to Natureland director Daisy Yeadon, watched by Henry the goat.
Cara presents her cheque to Natureland director Daisy Yeadon, watched by Henry the goat.

Cara Marshall has raised more than £1017 for Skegness Natureland by making pet bandanas.

It all started during the second lockdown last year when Cara and her mum, Claire, took up a six-week challenge set by their gym, Phoenix Fitness.

"The challenge was 'Who can make the biggest changes to their life in six weeks?'" explained Claire.

"I lost a stone in weight and Cara raised over £600 making bandanas.

"She won the challenge, too, earning another £100 for the seals.

"The orders continued to come in thick and fast, selling all over the UK via her Facebook page, and she even had 30 of her masks for sale in a doggy deli in Newcastle.

"She also then branched out to make scrunchies and matching facemasks.

"After eventually raising over £1000 she decided it was time to get the cheque off to the seal sanctuary.

"Talk about a proud mummy. Just shows that some good has come out of this pandemic and some lives have been changed for the better.

"Cara has leaned a new skill and has managed to put down her iPad for a little while too!"

Cara said she decided to make pet bandanas for Natureland after hearing about the struggle they were in over lockdown.

"I had an idea to start making money for the place that I love," she said. "I thought pet bananas would be easy to make and everyone would want one - even Henry the goat at the seal sanctuary ended up with one, and he didn’t eat it!

"I didn’t think I would make that much money. I’m so glad I did it. It’s changed my life and I’m proud of my mum too - she’s now lost three stone!"

To support Cara, visit Cara’s Bandanas For Pets on Facebook

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