'˜Grandparents Day' is a big success at Louth Academy

Grandparents visited Louth Academy to make Christmas decorations with their Year Seven grandchildren for the school's first ever '˜Grandparents Day' earlier this month.

Stephen and Maureen Scott with granddaughter Ruby. Picture: Sean Spencer/Hull News & Pictures Ltd

Shirley Willerton visited her granddaughter Sammi Ingamells.

She said: “It’s lovely to see Sammie. We are making a Xmas tree and decorating it. (The school is) marvellous, very impressive.”

Sammie added: “It is a lovely surprise to see Gran. I introduced her to my friends and had a laugh.”

Stephen and Maureen Scott visited their granddaughter Ruby McGinn.

Maureen said: “It’s lovely to see Ruby at school.”