New uniform for Richmond School pupils in Skegness after joining Trust

Richmond pupils in Skegness have returned after half term with the promise of new uniform to mark the school’s transition to academy status.
The Richmond School has joined the David Ross Education Trust.The Richmond School has joined the David Ross Education Trust.
The Richmond School has joined the David Ross Education Trust.

They will receive two free sweatshirts in a new teal colour, a PE shirt and a branded water bottle with the new school logo as part of the changes, which have seen the the school join the David Ross Education Trust (DRET).

The Richmond now joins other DRET schools in the area – Skegness Grammar School, Eresby Special School, King Edward VI Academy and

Hogsthorpe Primary Academy.

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The DRET team have been working closely with The Richmond School and Headteacher Vicky Ross, and agreed that the school would be renamed ‘The Richmond Primary Academy’.

Staff from The Richmond School have transfered across to The Richmond Primary Academy.

The new uniform will launch in September.

Richmond Primary Academy’s full uniform changes from brown to a teal sweatshirt, grey trousers, dresses or skirts and white polo shirts.

In line with all DRET primaries, pupils from the early years and key stage 1 will also receive a DRET book bag, also free of charge.

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Their school houses will continue to be named after notable Skegness lifeboat crew and PE shirts will also be in house colours – yellow, blue, red and green.

Vicky Ross, Headteacher and now Principal at The Richmond Primary Academy, said: “This is such an exciting time for the school. Since my arrival in September 2022, we have been driving school improvements. On our own, this has been like riding on a pushbike. With the DRET team, I feel like I’m going to be driving improvements in a Formula 1 car!

“The DRET team will provide the extra knowledge and support that our current, small team finds tricky. With the Trust alongside us, we will be able to achieve our goals more effectively and in a much shorter time frame – improving the experience and outcomes for all our children. DRET has a clear vision to help us deliver the high-quality educational experience and amazing extracurricular opportunities that the children need and deserve.”

Stuart Burns, Chief Executive at DRET, said: “We are very much looking forward to building on the school’s strengths and providing a world class education for local children, broadening their horizons with outstanding opportunities in sport and the arts.”