UPDATE: Alford Brass Band cancels free concert due to reports of 'spike' of Covid-19 cases in town

Alford Brass Band has been forced to cancel its comeback festive concert at the weekend due to reports of a 'spike' of Covid-19 cases in the town.

Happier times - the band's last Christmas concert in 2019
Happier times - the band's last Christmas concert in 2019

Members were looking forward to performing in front of an audience after the cancellation of last year's concert due to Covid-19 restrictions.

However, rising concerns about the spread of new Omicron variant and 'a significant number of positive lateral flow tests' in Alford following a festive event in the town at the weekend has forced them to rethink their comeback for the time being.

The concert was due to take place on Saturday, December 4, at Alford Corn Exchange.

Band chairman Mike Green said: "It is with great disappointment that I have to advise you that the Committee has decided to cancel our Christmas concert on Saturday evening.

"Advice has been received today of what (for Alford) a significant number of positive lateral flow tests following a Christmas event in the town at the weekend.

"As the organisers of the concert at the Corn Exchange, we have a duty of care not only to band members, but also to our audience.

"With the announcement of this 'spike', and having regards to the Omicron variant gaining hold in the UK, we have reluctantly reached the decision that if we went ahead with our concert, we would be failing in that duty of care, possibly putting at risk the more vulnerable members of the audience such as the elderly or those whose immunity is compromised due to medical factors.

"The Committee will consider in due course whether to stage an alternative concert in the new year so that all of our hard work is not wasted.

"We have not taken this decision lightly. But we have taken it as the organiser of the event, thus having responsibility for public safety."

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