Lincolnshire County Council announces reshuffle of executive roles

Following the elections last week, the Conservative-led administration of Lincolnshire County Council has announced its new Executive and their responsibilities for the next four years in office.

Councillor Martin Hill OBE, leader of Lincolnshire County Council. EMN-210219-121829001
Councillor Martin Hill OBE, leader of Lincolnshire County Council. EMN-210219-121829001

After the loss of three key members, such as Coun Eddy Poll, who was executive councillor for waste and recycling but was no re-elected, Coun Nick Worth, member for Culture and Emergency Services, did not seek re-election and the Coun Barry Young, Executive Councillor for Community Safety and People Management, also stepped down.

It means a refocussing of some portfolio responsibilities.

Coun Lindsey Cawrey takes on fire and rescue and cultural services from Nick Worth. Coun Wendy Bowkett has taken on some of Deputy Leader Patricia Bradwell’s wide-ranging portfolio roles (adult care and public health), Coun Richard Butroid assumes Barry Young’s portfolio and Coun Danny McNally now has Coun Eddy Poll’s role overseeing waste and trading standards.

Coun Martin Hill, Leader of the council, said: “We have a very strong manifesto which is about keeping council tax low, providing good quality services, and also supporting an ambitious programme of building and development – not only roads but also schools and broadband.

“During the election period there was a very strong message from the public that they continue to be concerned with potholes and fly-tipping, so we will be targeting these areas with more support. And we’ll continue to provide strong, effective support for our most vulnerable residents of all ages where it is needed.

“We’ll also be campaigning to secure more funding for the authority. It’s essential we get a fairer deal from government to help us fund the services people deserve.

“I’m very pleased the hard work of candidates and Conservative councillors of the past four years has been recognised and rewarded and I look forward to the next four years.

“I’m confident the council will serve the public of this county as best it can.”

The council’s new Executive and the areas they are responsible for:

Coun Martin Hill (Leader) - Resources, Communications and Commissioning

Coun Patricia Bradwell (Deputy Leader) - Children’s Services, Community Safety and Procurement

Coun Richard Davies - Highways, Transport and IT

Coun Colin Davie - Economic Development, Environment and Planning

Coun Sue Woolley - NHS Liaison, Community Engagement, Registration and Coroners

Coun Richard Butroid - People Management, Legal and Corporate Property

Coun Wendy Bowkett - Adult Care and Public Health

Coun Lindsey Cawrey - Fire & Rescue and Cultural Services

Coun Danny McNally - Waste and Trading Standards