MP welcomes £62m flood fund protection

Louth & Horncastle’s MP Victoria Atkins has welcomed the Government’s multi-million-pound investment into our area’s flood defences.
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Horncastle and Louth has received £62,869,000 in investment since 2015 to help protect against flooding and coastal erosion as part of the Government’s investment of £2.6 billion over six years for improving flood and coastal defences.

Over 314,000 homes and 580,000 acres of agricultural land are better protected from flooding since 2015, and thousands of businesses, communities, as well as critical infrastructure have been given extra protection.

More than 850 new flood and coastal erosion defence projects have already been completed. Over 580,000 acres of agricultural land, as well as thousands of businesses, communities and major infrastructure have been protected – including more than 8,000 kilometres of roads.

Horncastle and Louth was severely impacted by flooding in 2007, when over 200 properties in the area were flooded.

Louth & Horncastle MP Victoria Atkins said: “Flooding can devastate communities. We must, therefore, put in place secure and long-term protections to protect our homes and livelihoods from the harmful impacts of extreme weather.

“The huge £62,869,000 investment in the constituency of Louth & Horncastle is significant in protecting our community, homes and businesses from the destructive impact of flooding.

“The Conservative Government is committed to doing more with record investment in flood defences over the next six years. I will continue to champion our local area to benefit from this funding going forward.”

Commenting, Environment Secretary George Eustice said: “Our programme of work has protected over 314,000 properties, defending people, communities, and businesses from flooding and coastal erosion.

“We know that there is still more to do, so we are doubling our investment with a record £5.2 billion over the next six years.”