Sleaford MP challenges Prime Minister on delayed help for park homes energy bills

Sleaford and North Hykeham MP Dr Caroline Johnson put Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on the spot this week over the rising energy bill for the many ‘park homes’ residents living in this area.
Dr Caroline Johnson in the House of Commons.Dr Caroline Johnson in the House of Commons.
Dr Caroline Johnson in the House of Commons.

She raised the issue during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday saying that people living in hard to heat prefabricated park homes were so far missing out on the support due to rental arrangements.

There are two large parks of such properties in Sleaford, two more in Ruskington, plus further ones at Kirkby Green near Scopwick and near Caythorpe.

Dr Johnson said: “Rising energy bills are a challenge for all of us. My constituents are grateful for the support that has been given by the Government, but with temperatures this week falling below freezing in Lincolnshire, those living in park homes are particularly concerned about when they will receive their support.”

She asked Mr Sunak when and how people living in park homes will receive the £400 winter energy payment to which they are entitled?

Mr Sunak responded: “This is something that the Chancellor prioritised in last week’s autumn statement, and I will ensure that we get the money out as quickly as possible.

“My honorable friend should also be reassured that the cold weather payment system provides extra financial support to those vulnerable constituents when temperatures drop below a certain point.”

Commenting on the discussion later, Dr Johnson said: “I particularly welcomed earlier this year when the government confirmed that park home residents will receive the equivalent £400 support for their energy bills, having directly raised this with ministers at the time.

“At PMQs, I asked the Prime Minister how and when my constituents can expect these important payments to be made, particularly as we head into the colder months.”

She welcomed the Prime Minister’s confirmation that he will ensure the payments are made as quickly as possible, adding: “I will continue to follow this matter closely.”

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