Vintage tea dance will be part of this month's Farmers' and Craft Market at Marshall's Yard

Marshall's Yard will be winding back the clock on Saturday, May 14, with some special sessions of vintage tea dancing to complement the May Farmers' and Craft Market.

Music duo Major Swing and Kitty will be performing their songs ranging from the from the 1920s through to the late forties, incorporating the American Swing era as well as the golden age of the British Dance Bands.

Centre Manager, Alison Hall, said “We try and always think of something new to appeal to all age ranges here at Marshall’s Yard. The young performers always go down great on the centre and we thought why not try something a little bit different and introduce tea dances to the Yard.

“We’re hoping the weather will be as lovely as last weekend and people will enjoy the show and maybe even get involved and take to the floor themselves.”

As well as the performance there will be also be the newly launched Farmers’ and Craft market which includes cheeses, meats, baked goods and bread.