Here’s how to keep your heating bills down when working from home during winter

With more people working from home this winter, the temptation to switch the heating on a little earlier than normal is greater than ever.

As the temperature drops outside, interior experts at Thomas Sanderson have shared their top tips before you get ready to fire up your radiators.

Shut the blinds and windows

It may sound simple, but after the summer months many people forget to shut their windows. A good way to keep heat in is to go round the house and ensure that no cold air is getting in.

Let the sun shine in during the day time, helping to heat the rooms, but as night falls ensure you shut your blinds and curtains to give yourself a bit of extra warmth.

Close off unused rooms

If you have any unused rooms within your property, ensure they are closed off. The rooms could be taking a lot of heat, as well as increasing the amount of cool breeze flowing through your house.

Get cooking

Another relatively simple one, but cooking hot food will warm you up, and in the process throw heat around your kitchen and surrounding rooms, meaning the house will warm up as a result.

Use draught excluders

One reason why your property may not be retaining heat very well is because of draughts.

Stop cold air from sneaking in by getting draught excluders. Placing them around door frames and windows will help keep the overall temperature of your home from dropping.

Consider rugs on floors

If you have a fully carpeted house you will not need to worry about this option.

However, if you have wooden floorboards or tiles, putting a rug over the top can make a big difference for heat retention.

Put tin foil behind your radiator

When you turn your heating on, try placing tin foil behind your radiators. This will help to ensure the heat is forced into the room, rather than getting lost in the wall.