Coney Cup triumph for Schaffarczyk

Yvonne Shaffarczyk won the Coney Cup at Boston Golf Club, returning a score of 34 stableford points, playing off 19.
Yvonne Shaffarczyk with the Coney Cup.Yvonne Shaffarczyk with the Coney Cup.
Yvonne Shaffarczyk with the Coney Cup.

The runner-up, with 32 points and also winner of the 2s competition, was Fran Grant, playing off 18.

In third position was Ruth Simpson with 28 points. She was playing off 9.

Rob Whitley won the Woodthorpe Cup at Boston Golf Club.

He scored a nett 69 to claim the trophy.

Results: 1 R. Whitley 69, 2 M. Cooper 70, 3 J. Hull 70, 4 M. Arnold 70, 5 J. Daubney 70, 6 L. Beeson 71, 7 T. Emberton 71, 8 K. Williamson 72; Cats: S. Hiom 73, D. Delafontaine 72, B. Smith 73.