Three hole in ones in four days at Louth Golf Club

Louth Golf Club members have been defying the odds by hitting three hole-in-ones in the space of four days.

Michael Tonge, Dave Bedlow and captain Mike Tompkinson recorded holes in one at Louth Golf Club.

The amazing feat saw Michael Tonge, Dave Bedlow and captain Mike Tompkinson all record aces in quick succession.

To record just one is a rarity - the odds of an individual getting one are 12,500 to 1 and still 2,500 to 1 for professional players.

Many golfers will never achieve this feat in their lifetime.

So for three golfers to achieve the accolade - none of whom had ever managed a hole-in-one before - at the same golf club is amazing.

Michael set the ball rolling last Sunday with his first hole-in-one, after 44 years of trying but never previously succeeding.

He recorded his ace on the ninth hole using an 8 iron, before getting the drinks in for his clubmates.

Not to be outdone, Dave holed out with his Ping 5 wood off the tee into the seventh the following day.

Mike completed the amazing feat and secured his first ever ace year as Louth Golf Club Captain during a Captain’s Night Qualifier last Wednesday.

Mike’s youngest son Matthew, 10, was acting as his caddy, making it an even more memorable occasion.

“It was a special moment in a very special year and on a special night,” he said.

“I made it three at our club in four days with my first ever, also on the ninth, but this time with the most beautiful 6 iron I’ll ever hit.”

Three holes in one is a fantastic way for club members to celebrate their return to the Crowtree Lane course following lockdown, enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Louth GC is one of many golf clubs across the country who have enjoyed increased interest due to the ability to play the sport while maintaining social distancing.