Louth Swimming Club: Juniors make winning start in County League

Louth Swimming Club juniors made a great start to the season with victory in the first round of the Lincs Junior League at Spalding.

Louth Swimming Club's junior swimmers won all but three of 16 relays at Spalding Castle EMN-160315-091407002

After a shaky start, the team soon came into their own, amassing eight individual and 13 relay wins to eclipse opposition from Grantham, South Lincs and Grimsby.

Louth’s swimmer of the night accolade went to team debutant Charles Hendry after a dominant two-second victory in his first individual race.

The success was maintained as Teo Gordon proved untouchable in his 50m front crawl race to also win by a big two-second margin and then Libby Doubleday and Reuben Heywood both comfortably won their 11-year 50m butterfly races.

Louth were well into their stride as Harvey Muns won his 12s and under 50m freestyle event, a feat repeated by clubmate Phoebe Payne in the 11/u 50m freestyle.

Reuben Heywood later bagged his second win in the 11/u 50m breaststroke before Harriette Rowden-Jones capped the individual wins in the 12/u 50m backstroke.

But Louth’s team spirit really came to the fore in the relays with first places in all but three of the 16 events.

Overall Louth finished 18 points clear of nearest rivals Grimsby with 142.

Team manager Charlotte Elliott-Wright said: “The team put in a great performance, with a lot of first-timers showing how determined they were to control their nerves and look professional on the night.

“We had the lowest disqualifications awarded on the night which is a great achievement and shows how the club is progressing.”

Relay wins – 9-yr boys (Jacob Cooksey, Charles Hendry, Morgan Dix, and Conner Buckley); 10-yr boys (Josh Durham, Willem Kloosterboer, Sam Baxter, Teo Gordon); 11-yr boys (George Hendry, Solomon Willmington. Harry Roworth, Rueben Heywood); 12-yr boys (Max Marritt, Harvey Muns, Daniel Yeoman, Finley Cooksey); 10-yr girls (Holly Giles, Casey Cleaver, Ruby Waring, Kaitlyn Gifford); 11-yr girls (Libby Doubleday, Daisy Price, Lottie Wright, Phoebe Payne); 12-yr girls (Harriette Rowden-Jones, Laura Jeanes, Chloe Bradley, Isabel Leggate) 8x25m freestyle relay (Poppy Anderson, Conner Buckley, Ruby Waring, Teo Gordon, Phoebe Payne, Rueben Heywood, Harriette Rowden-Jones, Harvey Muns).

Individual second places: Poppy Anderson (girls’ 9-yr 25m freestyle), Jacob Cooksey (boys’ 9-yr 25m freestyle), Willem Kloosterboer (boys 10yr 50m breaststroke), Phoebe Payne (girls’ 11-yr 50 backstroke), Ruby Waring (girls’ 10-yr 50m backstroke), Harriette Rowden-Jones (girls’ 12-yr 50m freestyle), Solomon Willmington (boys’ 11-yr 50m freestyle), Reuben Heywood (boys’ 12-yr 50m breaststroke), Kaitlyn Gifford (girls’ 10-yr 50m freestyle), Daisy Price (girls’ 11-yr 50m breaststroke), Harvey Muns (boys’ 12-yr 50m backstroke).

Relay second places: Boys’ 12-yr 4x25m Medley (Harvey Muns, Daniel Yeoman, Max Marritt, Finley Cooksey); girls’ 9-yr 4x25m freestyle (Effie Kennedy, Isla Donnelly, Lottie Scaman, Poppy Anderson).

Individual third places: Solomon Willmington (boys’ 11-yr 50m backstroke), Chloe Bradley (girls’ 12-yr 50m butterfly), Max Marritt (boys’ 12-yr butterfly), Isla Donnelly (girls’ 9-yr 25m breastroke and backstroke), Conner Buckley (boys’ 9-yr 25m backstroke), Sam Baxter (boys’ 10-yr 50m butterfly). Relay third places: Girls’ 12-yr 4x25m medley (Harriette Rowden-Jones, Laura Jeanes, Chloe Bradley, Isabel Leggate).