Becca Taylor closer to lifelong racing dream after reaching final 50 of Formula Woman

Driving Bex hoping to land sponsored race season in a McLaren GT4
Becca Taylor.Becca Taylor.
Becca Taylor.

Becca Taylor is ‘one step closer to a lifelong dream’ - after reaching the final 50 of the Formula Woman competition.

The 22-year-old is now preparing to for the next stage in March as she bids to win a sponsored race season in a McLaren GT4.

“It feels incredible being one step closer to a life-long dream,” said Becca, from Louth but who was living in Spilsby when she began her quest.

Becca Taylor.Becca Taylor.
Becca Taylor.

“All 800 applicants went through a variety of assessments which we were scored on. These included a driving, fitness and media assessment.”

Next month the final 50 will be whittled down to just 10 competitors, who will then be flown to an, as yet, undisclosed location in mainland Europe, where Formula Woman will decide the winners.

“I am excited. I have enjoyed every step of this journey and will give it my all,” Becca added. “It would be a dream come true.

“Not only to be racing in the GT Cup, but to support female empowerment in the motorsport and automotive industry.”

You can chart Becca’s progress on Instagram and TikTok (@driving_bex) or via her YouTube channel (Driving Bex).

Becca is also searching for sponsorship via GoFundMe for donations towards training and travel expenses here.