Louth Swimming Club hosts traditional Sportsman’s Week

Louth Swimming Club gave a nod to the town’s sporting heritage as they held their traditional Sportsman’s Week gala.

Team Charlie won the activity afternoon EMN-190108-153930002
Team Charlie won the activity afternoon EMN-190108-153930002

The event is effectively a second club championship and embraces Louth history of holding Sportsman’s Week events with the club believing they are the only group still using the original trophies.

The swimming events ran like clockwork thanks to the club’s events organiser Charlotte Elliott-Wright and her team of official and poolside helpers.

Sportsman’s Week 2019 results (most points winners) –

The ever-popular tug of war EMN-190108-153907002

8/u – Boys (Sportsman’s Week Trophy Cup) Henry Seagroat; Girls (B of LSN Shield) Maisie Matthews.

10/u – Boys (Blackbourne Cup) Finley Scott; (Runner-up Cup) Matthew Tompkinson. Girls – (Harry Blackbourne Cup) Helena Field; runner-up (Louth Dolphin Trophy Shield) Isabella Walter

12/u – Boys (Tunnicliff Shield) Jake Adams; runner-up (Stephenson Cup) Harry Milne. Girls (Vera Blackbourne Cup) Oliva Anstey; runner-up (Borough of Louth Shield) Grace Twilton.

14/u – Boys (Ian Munro Ferguson Cup) Reuben Haywood; runner-up (Jack Hart Trophy) Solomon Willmington. Girls (Borough of Louth Cup) Libby Doubleday; runner-up (Sportsman’s Week Shield) Lotti Wright.

The original Louth Sportsman's Week trophies EMN-190108-153941002

15/over – Boys (La Ferte Bernard Cup) Max Marritt; runner-up (Louth Dolphin Shield) Ethan Briggs. Girls (Louth Dolphin Gold Shield) Chloe Bradley; runner-up (Tindale Trophy Shield) Georgia Barnett.

The club celebrated with an activities afternoon and presentations at the Lincolnshire Rural Activities Centre.

Head coach Kate Thompson said: “We are the only club in Louth to still hold this event, retaining the club and town’s history.

“It was a fantastic way to celebrate our swimmer’s success of Sportsman’s Week.

Taking aim at the activity afternoon EMN-190108-153919002

“The club provided an amazing experience for our swimmers to try new sports skills with archery and axe-throwing.

“Thank-you to everyone involved in the organising and running of such a wonderful event. It was an awesome end to a very successful season.”

The activities afternoon was supported by Back2Bears as 10 teams of 10 competed at archery, axe-throwing, orienteering and tug of war.

Overall event winners and the tug of war champions were Team Charlie (captain Steve Bailey, Sammy Smith, Phoebe Payne, William Taylor, Layton Annison-Snowden, Ethan Briggs, Imogen Storr, Alexa Milne).

Awards were presented by the hard-working squad coaches to cap a great fundraising day organised by Louise Jeanes, Sarah Ellis, Nicky Barton Di Adams and Rebecca


Presentations were arranged by Kate and Charlotte, with the help of trophies secretary Tracy Robinson.