Bhangra comes from Bollywood to the village hall North Thoresby

Get ready to party Punjabi-style as RSVP Bhangra bring their bombastic performance style and groove-heavy tunes to North Thoresby Village Hall this month.

RSVP Bhangra EMN-200301-115627001

Bhangra is a hugely popular type of dance music, which meshes traditional Punjabi songs and drumming with electronic rhythms, creating a modern twist on old Indian and Pakistani celebratory performance.

Multiple percussive instruments, guitar and frontman Dildar’s honey-drenched vocals create a sound that’s straight off the streets of a Bollywood movie; this is helped in part by the group’s flamboyant showmanship.

Every show comes with an introduction to Bhangra dance and everyone is included, giving their gigs the atmosphere of a wedding or family party.

RSVP Bhangra is well-established on the touring circuit and are old hands when it comes to festivals, having performed on stages at Glastonbury and Womad for years.

Their love of performance shines bright, whatever the size of the show, and their ability to get audiences moving to the music is second to none.

RSVP is spearheading the renaissance of live Bhangra in the UK, creating space for new audiences to hear this traditional celebratory music.

They will be performing in North Thoresby on Saturday, January 18.

The show starts at 7.30pm, with tickets £10 and £8 from North Thoresby Post Office, 01472 840068 or 07735 048233.