Unfinished play park will finally be opened to children

Builders of a new housing estate in Sleaford have promised they are due to finally complete and open a new children’s play area that has stood fenced off for almost a year.

The fenced off play park at Holdingham will soon be completed and opened up to families.. EMN-210426-170937001

The new play park was installed early last summer by Persimmon Homes at its Holdingham Mead development between two balancing ponds for surface water drainage near the Holdingham Beck.

However it has stood fenced off barring to the public ever since, becoming overgrown with weeds and ironically sporting a sign saying: “In this playground please adhere to social distancing in accordance with existing government guidance. Clean any surfaces you or your children touch after use.”

A spokesman for Persimmon Homes Nottingham said: “There is still some work to be completed before the play area can be safely opened for local families.

“As part of our approved design plan, fencing will be installed around the balancing ponds.

“We thank residents for their patience while we ensure the finishing touches are completed to the required standard.

“We anticipate these works to be completed by the end of May to allow the play area to be opened shortly afterwards.”

All public open space areas within the development will be transferred to a management company.

An NKDC spokesman added: “The district council is aware of the issue, and is working with Persimmon Homes to resolve it”.