Gross misconduct: Ex-special constable from Louth ‘tried to mislead police’

A misconduct hearing was held at Lincolnshire Police headquarters today (Tuesday) in relation to former Special Constable Maisy Whittington, who was based at Louth Police Station.

Police news
Police news

Former Special Constable Whittington was found to have breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of allegations in relation to honesty and integrity, and discreditable conduct.

As reported previously, it was alleged that she had responded to a Notice of Intended Prosecution sent by Humberside Police to say that she was the driver of a vehicle involved in a speeding offence when she was not, and in an attempt to protect another driver from receiving points.

The Chair of the Accelerated Misconduct Hearing, Chief Constable Chris Haward, found that the former Special Constable would have been dismissed had they still been a serving Special Constable.

After the hearing, Chief Constable Chris Haward said: “Honesty and integrity are the grounding for every constable. It is the very basis of everything we stand for.

“Former Special Constable Whittington tried to mislead Humberside Police and this is clearly unacceptable.

“The actions amounted to gross misconduct. The outcome of the hearing was that former Special Constable Whittington would have been dismissed had he still been a member of the police service.

“Her name will also be placed on the College of Policing barred list. She has a right of appeal to a Police Appeals Tribunal.”