Lincolnshire Police launch December anti drink and drug driving campaign

"There isn't any excuse - drink and drug driving kills," is the message being put out today (Tuesday) by Lincolnshire Police as officers launch they month-long surge to curb the number of people under the influence while behind the wheel.

Sadly, the force's figures show that one in ten drivers still tested last December failed a roadside breathalyser and a worrying 40 per cent of drivers who were tested for drugs tested positive.

They tested more people last year than in 2018, 1,369 people were breathalysed, and 115 drivers were tested for drugs.

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Statistics show that drivers who take the risk are 23 times more likely to be involved in a fatal collision if they are under the influence of alcohol and drugs when driving.

Lincolnshire Police launch their December campaign to prevent driving while under the influence of drink or drugs claiming even more lives this year.

Roads Policing Sergeant Adie Scargill said: “This year has been hard enough for people, yet some drivers risk making it harder by facing a criminal conviction and driving ban. This leads to a loss of job, increased financial difficulties which effect family and friends too.

“We don't want to spoil anyone's Christmas, so be responsible, don’t put yourself and others at risk of harm on the roads.”

Officers will require a breath test from anyone they suspect of driving while over the legal limit. They will also target anyone who has committed a traffic offence such as a defective brake light, speeding, inconsiderate driving and so on, and from all drivers who have been involved in a collision regardless of fault.

Where officers suspect a driver is impaired through drugs, whether prescribed or not, they will require a drug wipe test.

Driving while over the alcohol limit or while impaired through drugs is one of the #Fatal4 main factors of road collisions causing injury or death. Police focus on the #Fatal4 all year and their December drink/drug campaign is part of that work to keep people safe on Lincolnshire’s roads.

John Siddle of Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, said: "The spectre of drink and drug driving has blighted so many lives over so many years and now Covid-19 is taking its toll too,

do we really want any more bad news?

"Sadly, an officer may have to deliver a message you don't want for Christmas, the death of a loved one at the hands of a drunk or drug driver.

"None of us will forget Christmas 2020, let's not make it worse by drink or drug driving."