Obituary: Jeremy Wright

A service of thanksgiving for the life of Jeremy Wright, aged 65 years of North Willingham, was held at Alford Crematorium.


Officiating was Christine Ogden, with arrangements by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Jeremy was born at Crickhowell and was a well-known farmer.

Family mourners were: Jane Wright (sister); Mr and Mrs Peter Wright (brother and sister-in-law); Ann Semple (mother-in-law, also rep George and Marie Wootton and family); Stuart and Amanda Curtis (sister-in-law and brother-in-law, also rep Mark Dean; Linda Waters; Nick Bunker; Graham Lancaster); Andrew and Jean Semple (brother-in-law and sister-in-law); Guy and Clare Semple (brother-in-law and sister-in-law); Mr and Mrs R Danielson (niece); Mr and Mrs P Salmon (niece); Mr and Mrs C Wright (nephew); Craig Curtis (nephew); Nathan Curtis and Rebecca Thompson (nephew).

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs P Taylor; Kay Spyvee; Geoff Tuckett (also rep Dianne Tuckett); Andrew Walker; Gerald Brown (also rep P and B); M Denniss (also rep the Denniss family; Mr and Mrs Keith Spilman; Mr and Mrs Andrew Warrener); Kate and Alwyn Keir; Ivor Nicholson (also rep Steve Nicholson); Simon and Denise Raw (also rep John, Lisa and Tom); Mr A Fixter; Mr A Hubbard; P Brenna; Mr and Mrs Ged Houlton; Ron Brocklesby (also rep Margaret Branston); Stuart Maltby; Doug and Lesley Cullen; Stuart Dawson; Ray Hildred (also rep Equip Market Rasen Ltd); John and Judith Saunders; Lucy and Stan Ashcroft; Martin Arthur; Edward Bray; Rhian Brennen; Geoffrey Sleight (also rep Jane Sleight); Dick and Sue Cooper; Mary Ranshaw; Karl Donner (also rep Mark Donner Ltd); Steven Dixon (also rep Lesley Leonard); Judith Ollard; Claire Ellis; Heidi Ellis; Mike Perkins; Ann Hall (also rep Arthur Maultby); Mr and Mrs E Bell; Philip Boyles (also rep Steve Holden); Bob Lawson; Tony Gray; Jen Barrett (also rep Emily); Charlie Barrett; Bill and Kathy Shaw; Sandra and Bob Marwaha; Steven and Judy Greenbeck (also rep Merv Shadlock); Ray New; Mr S Vick; Mr B Chappell; M Waters (also rep Sally Jacklin); W Hewitt; Louise Pickering; Alan Dales; Joe Doughty; Shirley Watson; Anne and Ben Knight; Daphne Chapleo (also rep John Jacklin); Jason Cleve (also rep Suzy Cleve and family); Marcus Cleve (also rep Monica Cleve; Kevin Dyne); Brian and Jenny Simpson (also rep Stephenson’s Farms; Dave and Barbara; Mark and Carol; British Falconers Club; John Poucher); Louise Taylor; Richard and Melissa Woodall (also rep Elizabeth Woodall; Linda Stimpson; Ash Ward); George Starling (also rep Ella Starling); Kevin Wallis; Tony Wyand (also rep Roger Wyand); Fred Wallis; Fred and Veronica Chamberlin (also rep Robert and Sara Chamberlin); Stuart Snucksmith; Michael Forthythe; Nigel Douglas; R Boulton (also rep Judy Boulton); Matt Boulton (also rep Johnathon and Claire Fenwick); Ian and Mary Robbins; Liz Hildred (also rep Steve); Michelle Butler (also rep John and staff at the Aston Arms); Pauline Butler (also rep Mervyn); Kerry Jeffery (also rep Andrew Labaj; Emma Barnes); Charles Hyland (also rep Mrs J Hyland); Mr J Poucher (also rep Mr P Taylor); John Pridgeon (also rep John Farrow; Owen Hastings; Charles Warr,; George Thornally; Steve Limb; John Hunting; Simon Aldos); Stephen Hewson; Jim Hewson; Ozzie Brown (also rep the Brown family); Heather Davidson; Steve Smith; Dave Brumby (also rep S Johnson); Geoff Hill (also rep Karen Hill); Tom Shaw (also rep Sutton Estates); David Smith; Judy Hickinson (also rep James Hickinson); S Britton; Peter and Lynn Carter; Will Carter; Kay and Jim Howe; Jen and John Wood (also rep the Wood family; Graham and Chris Parry); Mr and Mrs J Bassford; Max Thomas; Elijah Wilkinson; John Knight; Peter Mitchell; Annie Mitchell; Dave Shaw (also rep Barbara Shaw); Olivier and Sophie Bocquillon; Susan Blades; Ken Blades; Mandy Juskiw; John Shaw; Pip Richards (also rep Phil Richardson; Reg and Nicki Wakefield); Dick Burton; John Shepherd; Mr and Mrs N Cooper (also rep G M Cooper); Mr and Mrs D P Chamberlin (also rep Mr and Mrs Davenport; Ben Chamberlin); Guy Stanley (also rep Maureen Stanley; Jo Jenkinson); G Stanley; Dave Robinson (also rep Louise); Jane Doughty (also rep Chris and Jo Doughty); Roselle Grantham; Ian Burnett; Ralph Thornally; John and Mary Simms (also rep A B Boothby; D W Fox); Ellen Umpleby (also rep Peter Collins); Pauline Stones; Keith Smith; David and Sue Straw; Bob Jackson; Jackie and Luke Morgan; Mr and Mrs C Barber; Mr and Mrs Bernard Bell; Rob Woodall; Paul Scott (also rep Liz Scott; Sue and Paul Tolan); Beryl Bett; Louise Todd (also rep Richard Smith; Sam Klug and also Claire Goulsbra); Veronica Jackson (also rep Betty Jackson; John Simpson); Jemma Carson (also rep Dan Carson); Helen Dale; Barbara Gousening; Alistair Guthrie; Mr and Mrs Pat Grant; John and Ann Patterson; Barry Davis; Kate Davis; R J Carter (also rep J R Carter); M Annakin (also rep James Annakin); George Carter (also rep Bob Carter); John Laminman; Peter Greenwood (also rep Elaine Greenwood; 72 Club RAC); Conrad Hunt (also rep 72 Club; Southwell Rugby Club); Martin Arthur (also rep 72 Club; John Drake); Luke Harker; Judy Bramhill (also rep Jamie Wood); Mr and Mrs Entwistle; Neil Wilson; G Wildsmith; Quintin and Jackie Parker; David and Martin Cosgrove (also rep Ray Vickers); Jean and Archie Dodds; Ann Ranshaw (also rep the Ranshaw family); Mr and Mrs Mark Donner; John Brooke; Dave Wilson; Mandy Ward (also rep Keith Lee); Tim Dray; George Haxby (also rep Tom Haxby); Rachael Dray; Lynn Clow; Richard Treadgold (also rep Mr and Mrs Roger Smith; Geoff Chapman; Mark Woods); Helen Treadgold (also rep James Treadgold); Rachael Straw (also rep Andrew Straw); Andrew Middleton; Phil Danes; Stephen Harling; Mr and Mrs Bridgwater.