Thanks - Local election important part of democratic process

I'd like to publicly thank everyone who voted for me in the recent town council election, and everyone who donated their time to post leaflets and help my campaign.

I received many messages of support, and condolence, all of which were greatly appreciated.

Although elections are expensive and turnout was low, democracy at all levels is a defining part of British society, and one we should not take for granted.

I was therefore disappointed by the local media’s anti-democratic focus on the cost of the election; this was an important and rare exercise of our right to have an elected, not co-opted, town council.

Unfortunately the government has passed the buck, and the lion’s share of austerity, onto local authorities, and even Tory-led ELDC and LCC now admit that we are paying the price for this short-sightedness.

There is little incentive to make sure a “safe seat” like ours gets a fair slice of the pie. In any case, our freedom to choose our leaders will always come at a price - the alternative does not bear thinking about.

My congratulations to Cllr. Moore on his victory; I sincerely hope he proves to be worthy of the task ahead of him.

Horncastle deserves and needs its town council to step up to the mark now more than ever, and all eyes must be on its ability to stand up for itself – and for our community.

Dominic Hinkins

via email

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