Retford: Leverton Academy issue statement

Following the Guardian’s story yesterday which reported that some pupils at Leverton Academy had participated in a SATs strike this week, Victoria Brelsford, chair of governors, has issued the following statement on the current situation:

Guardian News
Guardian News

“The Academy is unable to make any comment at this stage about the reason for the leave of absence the Head Teacher from the school.”

“What we can say is that any member of the public reading the Ofsted Report on the School’s Website will see that it was not a negative report.” 

“Our recent Ofsted report concluded that the Academy requires improvement. It also stated that the pupils are happy and feel safe at the academy and this was borne out by a standard of Good with respect to their safeguarding and behaviour. It also stated that parents’ views were polarised, but it is our experience that only a small minority are unhappy with the Academy.”

“All Staff and Governors have been working very hard since September to make positive changes at the school and this was recognised by Her Majesty’s Inspector who visited the school before Easter for the Ofsted Inspection.”

“The Senior Leadership of the school have been working with our School Improvement Partner, Governor Consultant, The Education Funding Agency and the Southwell and Nottingham Education Trust (its Corporate Sponsor), to take the work of the school forward.”

“The recent Ofsted Report demonstrates that the HMI had every confidence that the Staff and Senior Leadership have the professionalism and ability to achieve this.” 

“Our school has worked exceptionally hard to prepare all of our pupils for SATS and I am very pleased to report that none of our year six pupils have failed to complete their SATS examinations thus far.”