Four stone weight loss leads to new job and Race for Life

​A Horncastle slimmer has lost more than four stone has seen her life change following her weight loss – including a new job.
​ Maggie Nicholas before (left) and after her four-and-a-half-stone weight loss.​ Maggie Nicholas before (left) and after her four-and-a-half-stone weight loss.
​ Maggie Nicholas before (left) and after her four-and-a-half-stone weight loss.

​ Maggie Nicholas first joined Slimming World in Horncastle in August 2022, after having a health check with her doctor and discovering she had high blood pressure and was borderline diabetic.

Her weight had begun to rise after her retirement and she gained two stone since then, and made the decision to join Horncastle’s Slimming World group.

Now she has lost four-and-a-half stone, dropped five dress sizes from a 22 to a 14, and has taken part in the Race for Life – and even acquired a new job.

Maggie said: “After that visit, I realised I must do something – I was a size 22 and extremely unhappy with how I looked.

"I saw an advert in a local magazine for Slimming World and with the support of my husband I went along to the Tuesday morning session at [Horncastle] Community Centre.

"Walking through those doors was one of the hardest things I have had to do.”

Maggie said that the group were incredibly welcoming and that the group was one of the keys to her success:

“There was no counting calories and I felt I had found my place,” she said, “Staying to group is vital, image therapy is where we get to support each other share our recipe and activity ideas. We also have a lot of fun.

“The group were so welcoming, and I have made friends for life.”

Maggie said before long, she was able to enjoy walking again and has even started a new part-time job as a social worker assistant in the mental health field.

"You can start small and work your way up to whatever feels good for you,” Maggie said, “Before joining I felt out of breath when climbing stairs, just putting my walking boots on was hard work.

"It also affected my mental health, although at the time I didn’t realise it.

"Now I feel amazing in my size 14 clothes, my confidence is sky high to the point I decided to apply for a part time job and got it!

"I even took part in Race For Life with other members and our consultant Karen. Which pre weight loss would not have happened.”

Consultant Karen Fereday said: “I feel so fortunate to do a job I love, watching members like Maggie achieve there weight loss goals.

"Once they reach their Personal Achievement Target, I get to help them maintain with our Slim for Life programme.”

For more information on Horncastle’s Slimming World group, contact Karen on 07900 062817.