Secret Carnival Family Trail comes to Lincolnshire coast towns for half term

Families could become stars of their own digital books by taking part in a trail along the Lincolnshire Coast over the Bank Holiday.

You could be the star of your own selfie book.

The Secret Carnival Family Trail is taking place in shops in Skegness, Mablethorpe and Sutton On Sea.

Families are invited to hunt 10 carnival characters in each location, such as Harlequin, the cheeky jester in Skegness.

The trail takes about 45 minutes to complete but can be completed in more than one visit. I

t is completely free for families and groups to take part in and you win a personalised, digital ‘selfie storybook’ at the end.

To create selfie storybooks, families need to practice their acting chops as they take funny ‘scene’ selfies along the trail, with directions like ‘look amazed’ or ‘look curious’ to follow.

Then, once they have completed the trail, selfies are embedded directly into the book pages as part of the story. The book tells readers about the day their family went on a tour of the secret carnival - so they become stars of the story and get a wonderful keepsake.

The trail works by utilising contactless QR codes, without the need for families to download or sign up to anything. With safety in mind, it has been designed so that there is no need to go inside the venues, but some participating businesses are offering extra incentives to come in while you visit.

When families in Skegness, Mablethorpe and Sutton On Sea scan each character’s unique QR code they’ll learn their names and what their role is in the carnival. At the end of the trail, the selfie book will be entered into the Carnival Trail National Competition for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch.

The trail starts on the May 28 and ends on the June 13.