UPDATE: Little dog found scared and running in road near Spilsby reunited with owners

A little dog found scared and running in a busy road near Spilsby has been reunited with its owners.

The little dog was found running in a busy road near Spilsby.

Abby Howarth had told Lincolnshire World she came across the dog while out on Halton Fen at Halton Holgate yesterday (Wednesday).

She said: "He was at the top of the road going up towards Spilsby. There were a lot of cars and tractors going up and down the road and three of us trying to catch him.

"But he was very scared and snapping and growling at us - he didn't have a collar or anything on and it was 8.40am yesterday morning.

"He is currently at a house on Thorpe Bank as I couldn't fetch him here as I have two small children and an autistic child who is scared of small dogs.

"But he is with the lady until we find who dog belongs to as she is she didn't mind taking him."

Luckily, the lady who took the animal in saw the owners out searching this afternoon. Abby said: "The owners are now reunited with the dog. We would like to thank everyone who helped with this."