MATCH DAY: Cafes, calls and 'today's office' - a typical Saturday on the road for Boston United's chief scout Richard Boryszczuk

Weekends away from the club is a different existence...

Chief scout Richard Boryszczuk. Photos: Oliver Atkin
Chief scout Richard Boryszczuk. Photos: Oliver Atkin

We continue our series of features on what a typical Saturday is like for Boston United' s staff by hearing from the man on the outside, chief scout Richard Boryszczuk...

There's a couple of scouts who live near me and we normally meet up in a cafe around 10-11am. We have some food and a chat before we venture off to our games - and then end up ringing each other up in the car after about half an hour anyway.

Although we all work for different clubs we're not involved with them in the same way as everyone else on Saturdays. We're all in the same position and have a lot in common. When you're a scout you always have people ringing you about a player or a team. It's good to be able to get another opinion - but we never discuss inside information from our own clubs.

I normally do my prep leading up to Saturday to make sure I know who's been playing, formations, anyone to look out for. Everything's ready to go so after a bite to eat it's off to a game.

In the car journey I'll ring around our team of scouts who are going to games, make sure everything's ok. There's also scouts I know at other clubs and we just catch up and discuss what's going on in the league. There's always plenty going on in this league.

I get to my ground and usually put out a 'today's office' tweet to see if fans can guess where I am. I try to find a space to sit where there's a good view but where no-one can be looking over my shoulder. There's no point ever sitting in line with the goalmouth because I need a good view of the box.

I watch how the team plays; patterns, who passes to who, the pressing. You look for little link-ups, everything like that, trying to get a feel of how a side plays and see if there are any obvious gaps. I'll have a checklist in my book of things to look out for just to make sure I don't miss anything. You're watching and writing all game and I want to make sure I check on everything.

If I go to a game when our next two opponents are playing each other, you can cover them both. But on those occasions I watch the game as a whole but don't work as much on watching set-pieces. I'd watch the game back on the video then get the set-pieces from that.

But generally I've watched the teams enough and know enough about the players individually, so it's more about watching the team structure, unless there's a new player who I need to keep an eye on. But in our league players generally float about so you know what they're about.

I have the Boston United Twitter account alerts on so I don't miss out on what's going on in our games. But when it's going off in my pocket every two minutes I have to stick it on silent. If there's a break in play I'll have a look at what the score is - and it's always a good feeling if I see we're winning.

I stay to the end normally, then it's the car journey home. On the way back I'll ring round our scouts and see what they have to say before they send their reports in in case there's anything urgent to sort out.

Once the gaffer's in his car or off the bus he'll give me a ring to chat about who I've watched. We normally have a 20 minute chat.

I'll chill for the rest of the evening, then it's breakfast on Sunday before I crack on with my report so I can get it over to the manager by the afternoon or early evening. We train on Monday night's so he needs the report before that so he can start planning.

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