Vote of no confidence in National League board not carried... despite half of the clubs being in favour

General manager Mark Ives labels vote a 'concern'...
Boston  United were among the clubs to have their season ended. Photo: Oliver AtkinBoston  United were among the clubs to have their season ended. Photo: Oliver Atkin
Boston United were among the clubs to have their season ended. Photo: Oliver Atkin

A vote of no confidence in the National League board was not passed - but general manager Mark Ives has pledged to take criticisms on board.

An Extraordinary General Meeting was held yesterday at the request of 14 member clubs.

In total, 33 of the 66 clubs which play under the National League banner voted for the resolution: The meeting has no confidence in the Chairman and the Board.

Twenty-nine voted against and four abstained, with all of the no confidence votes coming from step two clubs.

However, National League voting is weighted in favour of the step one sides, just like the recent vote to declare the regional divisions' season null and void.

National League clubs carry one vote per club, while the National League North - where Boston United play - and South clubs in step two have four votes per league.

This gave the overall outcome of seven votes for the resolution, 22 against and two abstentions.

"The fact that there was even a vote gives us cause for concern," National League general manager Mark Ives told the BBC.

"We're in the process of recruiting and appointing a new chairman.. and we have to take the points forward that are of concern."

The motion was brought forward by Maidstone United and Dorking Wanderers.

A number of clubs have been frustrated by the National League's handling of this Covid-hit season, including the funding row and voting method which saw the North and South season made null and void while the top division was able to continue with promotion but no relegation.

Some clubs were fined for refusing to play games before the campaign was ended while others have voiced frustrations at the stacked voting system.

No National League clubs voted for the motion, while 21 votes against and two abstained, as reported by non-league journalist Ollie Bayliss.

In the North 16 voted for, four against and two abstained while in the South 17 voted for and four against.

A National League statement read: "Whilst the result is convincing, the National League board acknowledges the importance of working collectively with member clubs to navigate effectively out of the pandemic.

"We look forward to the conclusion of 2020-21 season and working with member clubs as we prepare for a successful 2021-22 campaign."

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