"No mobile phones and no ice rinks!" Boston United will use blank weekend for team bonding session

Pilgrims organising squad get together which has been a long time coming...
Luke Shiels battles against Notts County. Photo: Oliver AtkinLuke Shiels battles against Notts County. Photo: Oliver Atkin
Luke Shiels battles against Notts County. Photo: Oliver Atkin

Boston United s squad will use their blank weekend to get to know one another a little better with a team bonding session - but skipper Luke Shiels is keen for mobile phones to remain switched off.

A topless Shiels was filmed being escorted off an ice rink by a man in elf costume at Nottingham's Christmas Market during the team's festive get together in 2019.

While the high-jinx brought a few laughs to Pilgrims fans as the video was shared on social media, the United defender is hoping that what happens in Yorkshire stays in Yorkshire when the squad get together for a few drinks.

"No mobile phones and no ice rinks, I think we'll be alright," Shiels joked, when asked about this weekend's get together.

"It's been a long time coming. Last season we couldn't get anything booked in and with the new additions coming in, it's good to see what people are like out of football.

"It's massive for us to get together away from training and matches. It goes a long way - you can have the best team on paper but if you don't gel it doesn't work. You need everyone together.

"Everyone gets on with everyone and I'm sure there'll be a few stories to tell."

The get together has ben given the seal of approval by manager Craig Elliott.

He said: "The lads have got their day/night out on Saturday. We'll have two difficult games this week (Notts County and Belper Town) and then they can do their thing.

"They're a good group and they're looking forward to it. It gives them a nice break before the season begins.

"It's important they have that bonding, especially with bars and things open now. Last year they didn't have the chance to do that."

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